What to Do After Signing a Lease?

Congratulations on signing the lease on your new office space! Now that the hard part is over, you need to start thinking about what to do after signing a lease.


Here are some of the next steps you should be taking:

Check for damages

Give the place a good walk-through and notate any existing damages or issues.  Make sure you and your landlord both sign-off on the existence of these damages, otherwise you will be charged for them when your lease is up.

Purchase any necessary equipment

Now that you have your own office space, you’re going to want to decorate it and fill it with the necessary furniture and equipment.  Do you have a desk? Chairs? Printer? Computer? Cabinets? Think about all of the things you want to have in order to make your office the best possible work environment.

Call and schedule movers

If don’t plan on moving all of your furniture and equipment into your new office all by yourself, you’ll probably want to hire a mover.  If this is the case, you want to pick a company, call them, and schedule a date and time for when they can move all of your things.

Inform the building of your arrival plans

Give the building and the landlord a heads up before you start moving your things in.  This way no one will be surprised when a moving truck pulls up outside the building and a bunch of sweaty guys are carrying couches and desks through the building.

Call the IT guy

Call the IT guy and set up an appointment with him to make sure you are set up for cable, internet, printing, and any other sort of technology related necessity.

If you’re not sure what to do after signing a lease, consider these steps and your move-in process should go smoothly.  What else would you add to this checklist in order to ensure a successful move-in process?

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