The New Dashboard on Coworkify

We are so delighted to announce that we have released a new feature on Coworkify. This time all important information about your coworking space is now right in front of your screen. This Dashboard feature is created with convenience and simplicity so that all space owners can see the current status of their coworking space with no hassle.

There is no need to set this up. Once you logged into your account, space owners can see the Dashboard right away. The Dashboard shows the status of the coworking space based on the set date range selected by the space owner. See this image below where space owners can customize the date range report that will show on your dashboard. 

What is in the Dashboard

The Dashboard includes the following sections:


This section shows the total active number of members in your coworking space. It includes a report on how many members just joined the space and are inactive already with their membership.


This shows the sum of invoices and credit invoices that are issued. It includes a report on the sum of paid and unpaid invoices. 


The revenue is the section where it reports the profit that is earned by the coworking space from the paid invoices. The Recurring data includes all coworking plans that require recurring payments such as weekly and monthly. For the One-Time category, this includes credit invoices, additional charges of bookings, or any other purchase that just happens with a single payment.


The Bookings section counts all space bookings that happen in a specific date range. This section includes stats on the total number of members booked in your space, the average duration of their bookings, and the total number of hours they booked. 

Space Utilization

The Space Utilization section shows how your Resources and Plans are utilized by the Space members. 

Plan Distribution

Plan Distribution shows the graph of all your coworking Plans and how many members are on each Plan. This way you’ll know which of the Plans are commonly used and least used by the members. 

Upcoming Bookings

The Upcoming Bookings section shows all the incoming bookings in sequence created by the space owner and members. There’s no need to look at the Booking calendar to check for any bookings, but with the Dashboard, an update on any upcoming booking is helpful. 

Recent Activities

Recent Activities reflect data that is related to memberships and invoices. If a member joins or becomes inactive, it will update automatically on Recent Activities. As well as on Invoices, if a member pays any of the issued invoices, then it will show on the Dashboard.


This Dashboard feature is made with simplicity for all space owners. We are so excited to develop more enhancements that will help you manage your coworking spaces efficiently and effectively. 

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