Issue Invoice to Non-Member

As usual, today we added new feature that has been requested by a number of customers for quite some time. That is the ability to issue an invoice to non-Member.

With this feature, you can handle the cases like someone wants to book the conference room for 2 hours or charging an event organizer who is not a Member for one-time event at your venue.

To issue n invoice to non-Member, go to Invoices page and click a “Add Invoice” menu on the right. Now that you are able to choose ‘Guest’ rather than existing Members. Click ‘Add’ button to proceed.


On the next screen you can enter the name and company of non-member as usual. Click “Add Invoice” button when you are done.


Unfortunately there are a couple of drawbacks when issuing an invoice to non-Member.

1) You cannot send an invoice to non-member using email.

This is because the invoice email contains a link to make payment and the link requires a member to log-in, which is not possible for non-members at the moment.

2) You cannot use built-in payment methods to receive a payment.

Same above. Instead, you can download the invoice as PDF and send the email to non-member along with the instructions for making payment using PayPal. You only need to tell him a PayPal-enabled email address that you own. You can receive payment using other methods such as cash, check or bank transfer if you wish.

3) You cannot assign a customer number to non-member.

A customer number is unique identifier that is auto-generated when new member is created. Because this is part of membership information, you cannot assign a customer number to non-member. Hence, it does not appear in the invoice issued for non-member.

PDF Download for Invoices

We are adding new features at a rapid pace these days. For those who asked this feature, thanks for the wait. Now that you can download your invoices and save them as PDF.

Go to Invoices page and click a “Download PDF” menu. There you can specify the date range and file forma: Combined and Separate. The former concatenates all invoices into one PDF file, and the latter generates one PDF per invoice and bundles the PDF files in a single zip file.

You can also download a single PDF. Go to Invoices > [Invoice Number] page and click a “Download PDF” menu on the right. This generates a single PDF file of the invoice that you are looking right now.

With this feature available at your fingertips, you can keep all invoices offline for later reference or send individual invoice to your Member using PDF attachment.

New CSV Exporter for Invoices

Recently we had a number of customers asking for better integration with their accounting software using a built-in CSV exporter so we reworked on that.

Go to Invoices page and click a “Download CSV” menu as you see in the below screenshot.

There, you can specify the date range and data format. This time we implemented two data formats: Invoices and Items. The former contains one invoice per row and the latter contains one item per row.

With a generated CSV file you may import invoice data into your accounting software such as QuickBooks as well as any external system that you are using.

If you need more advanced, more automated integration with your accounting software, please contact us. We can do that for you at additional one-time development fee.

More Automated Member Sign up Flow

Accepting new Members became much easier.

Now that new Members can sign up themselves through a frontpage without requiring you to do anything. They visit your frontpage (e.g., click on “Sign up” button, pick a start date, and create an account or sign in with the existing account.

Below is an example of the frontpage showing new “Sign up” buttons.


When Members click on “Sign up” button, they will be asked to pick a start date.


Then, they can either create new account or sign in with their existing account as below.


Finally, new Members are asked to agree with the plan conditions and terms.

You will be informed when new Member signs up. This automates the entire onboarding process without you entering the detailed information about new Members.

You can also temporarily hide a certain plan on the frontpage and stop accepting new Members for that plan. This is useful when your monthly memberships are fully occupied and you want to stop accepting new Members until the memberships become available.