Per-item Tax Rate

If you live in countries like Germany, you know tax system is a bit complicated than other countries. In many European countries it is common to use different tax rate depending on category that a product/service belongs to.

We’ve been asked by a number of customers in European countries for quite some time to support their tax system so we are releasing new feature today. With this feature you will be able to assign a different tax rate for each item in invoice.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Invoice page, check “Enable per-item tax rate” and click “Save.”


Then create new invoice as usual and click “Add Item” at the button of page. With the per-item tax rate option turned on, now that you see additional field named “Tax Rate” where you can enter unique tax rate for each item in invoice.


The issued invoice will look like this. Notice that the tax amounts for each tax rate are shown individually.


Subscription by Credit Card

Good news. Now that you can use your credit card to subscribe one of the paid plans in addition to PayPal. Some customers prefer to use credit card rather than PayPal so we implemented a support for new payment gateway.

To subscribe with credit card, go to Account > Billing page and click on ‘Upgrade’ link. On the next screen you are able to choose from two payment methods: credit card and PayPal. Click on “Credit Card” option to proceed.

By clicking “Pay with Card” button you will be asked to enter your credit card information. When you are done, click “Pay with Card” at the bottom to finish the payment.

That’s it. Quite simple. You can also switch to another payment method anytime. For example, you can initially subscribe the plan with your credit card and later upgrade to other plan with PayPal. The subscription of previous plan will be automatically canceled.

Adding Custom Logo to Your Invoice

Whether you have a professional looking invoice or not sometimes relates to the level of your trust especially when you are charging relatively high amount.

Recently we had few customers asking for new feature to add a custom logo to their invoices so we implemented the feature.

To add a custom logo to your invoices, go to Settings > Invoice page and you will see a new field named “Invoice Logo” where you can upload a custom logo that will be added to your invoices.


Make sure the dimension of the uploaded image is within 240 x 70 pixels and the file format is either JPEG or PNG.

To confirm the invoice with a custom logo, go to Invoices page and select one of the invoices that are issued. Then click “Download PDF” menu on the right. Below is an example of invoice PDF with a custom logo.

Partial Payment

A couple of customers requested a feature that enables them to accept a partial payment. A partial payment is useful when you want to allow your Members make payment using the combination of cash, check, bank transfer and credit card.

To make a partial payment, go to Invoices page and select an invoice. Then click “Mark as Paid” menu on the right.

Enter the amount of payment you received from your Member in the form of cash, check or bank transfer. The status of invoice won’t change to ‘Paid’ until the invoice is fully paid.

When your Members make payment to the invoice online, they see the paid amount as part of the invoice like below. A payable amount is what they have to pay for since they already made a partial payment to the invoice.