Stripe Support


As we have more customers from the US and Europe, we were receiving more feature requests that are specific to these regions. One of them was a support for Stripe.

Stripe is widely used by many web based services and it is probably the simplest way to accept payment via credit card for the businesses located in the US and Europe.

While integration work itself was relatively easy for us, we had our own reason for why it took a while to implement this feature. As you may already know, we are located in Japan and Stripe is not available in our country just yet.

This made our testing process in the production environment a bit difficult, but it’s finally here.

In order to connect to your Stripe account, go to Settings > Payment Methods page and click on “Add Stripe” button as shown below.


Then you will be navigated to Stripe website where you confirm that you give us a permission to access your account data.

From Members perspective, they now have additional payment method when they pay their invoices. Members can make payment using their credit card and the money goes straight to your Stripe account. We don’t take a cut. The money is all yours.

See the below screenshots as an example.


New Pricing Model

At Coworkify we are working hard every day in order to make our software more affordable and usable to every space owner who needs a management solution.

The reason why we are doing this is that we strongly believe coworking can give so much freedom to the people in terms of their work-life balance and that we’ve seen for the past 3 years a huge growth in the number of people who switched from traditional working environment to coworking in almost every country where we provide our services.

With more coworking spaces being created, we were often asked by the space owners for a pricing that just fits their needs. A typical question we receive reads like this. “Hi, Coworkify. Do you provide custom pricing just for XX number of members?”

So starting from today, we introduce two new plans for the space owners who need an intermediate pricing. New plans can be found at our pricing page.

At the same time, we removed an unlimited plan. This is because the space that has more than 150 members usually require lots of custom development effort like printer management integration, which enables prints billing to be automatically added to the corresponding invoice. Hence, most of the time a quote varies a lot.

As always we listen you, a customer. Please send us feedback and let us know what you think.

Coworking Events for 2015

Coworking magazine Deskmag published a list of major coworking events that will take place in 2015. We thought it’s worth sharing it so here it is.

We might attend some of these events or even sponsor a few, but who knows. Which event will you attend?