3 Ways to Use Social Media for Events

Integrating social media into events can be invaluable in terms of promotion, engagement, and measuring analytics.  Here are 3 ways to use social media for events:


Social Media can be a great resource for promoting your event because it allows you to reach out to a giant audience, as well as keep attendees reminded and up-to-date as the event gets closer.

Create A Facebook Event Page

A Facebook Event Page allows Facebook user to RSVP to your event, and it provides them with all of the details about the event.  Attendees can see who else is going to the event and they can interact through the comments section where you can also engage.


Create a Twitter Hashtag for Your Event

A designated Twitter hashtag for your event will allow you to see what guests and viewers are saying about your event during and after the fact.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media can be helpful for not only promoting your event, but also for getting people to engage DURING your event.


As people enter the event, provide them with a card or a flyer that has the hashtag you created for the event so live-tweeters are all using the same hashtag.  You should also have a slide at the beginning of the presentation that mentions the hashtag so people will be more likely to use your hashtag and talk about your event.

Live Stream Your Event

By live streaming your event, people who were unable to make it to your event will be able to watch it live from home, or watch it after the fact when the event is over.  This will also help people that are not present engage via Twitter and Facebook.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

There are a lot of social media tools out there that will help monitor the activity and the success of your event.  Check out these really cool and useful tools:

These are 3 of the best ways to use social media for events, and if you decide to implement them into your next event, you can expect some really great audience activity!

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