Welcoming New Co-workers to Your Co-working Space

Are you welcoming new co-workers to your co-working space?  If not, you should really consider doing so!

Co-working spaces are great working environments as well as places to network with other entrepreneurs.  But meeting people in a co-working space can be difficult without a little bit of help from the existing coworkers.  Whether you are running a co-working space, or you are just working out of one, here are a few things you can do to help welcome new co-workers into the community:

Take them on a tour

When new co-workers joins your community, take them on a tour of the facility and introduce them to some people you regularly interact with.  Show them popular break hangouts, or lunch spots so they can immerse themselves into the community.  A tour will help a new co-worker become familiar with the facility as well as the people working there.

Make an announcementwelcome

If your co-working space has an email system or intranet for making announcements to co-workers, consider sending out notifications of when new co-workers will be joining the community.  Encourage current existing co-workers to introduce themselves to new co-workers and help get them situated.

Host a monthly potluck

Not only is this good for welcoming new co-workers, but it is also a great community event.  Hosting a monthly potluck gives co-workers a chance to bring in their own dishes, and it allows them to network with each other.  New co-workers can easily meet people and learn about what others in the space are doing.  A lot of connections can be made between co-workers all because of a little potluck lunch.

Welcoming new co-workers to a co-working space is important for fostering the right type of community for your co-working space.  It’s kind of luck welcoming the new kid on the first day of school, or bringing a pie over to the neighbors who just moved in across the street.  Making that new person feel welcome will make their transition into an unfamiliar place much smoother, and it may even result in a friendship!

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