Useful Web Tools For Promoting Events

Promoting events has been made easier and more convenient than ever with the help of social media and some really cool web tools:



Lanyrd is a great tool for finding conferences near you, and seeing which of your friends are attending or speaking at events.  If you can’t make it to an event, you can always check out slides, videos, and podcasts that are uploaded after.  This tool is great for promoting events because it allows people come across your events and then remember you for the next time you have an event.


Smore is a really cool tool that lets you design your own online flyers, which you can publish instantly.  Smore provides you with a list of custom-made themes, and it also allows you to embed test, images, videos, tweets, products, and reviews.  This tool also provides you with analytics in the form of an easy-to-read infographic, which highlights incoming traffic by source (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Website, Search, Email, etc.), interactions, and outgoing links.  All in all, a pretty cool tool for promoting events.


Eventbrite allows you to create a professional event webpage that allows people to register for your event.  This tool makes promoting events a seamless process by automatically listing your public events on search engines, and allowing you to send out personalized email invitations.


Plancast is a great source for finding out about events as well as planning and promoting your own event.  This online calendar allows user to share events and plans on their calendars, and then share with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.


Eventasaurus is a tool for promoting events on all major social networks with an extremely useful dashboard for managing and engaging with RSVPs.  Comments and RSVPs are all compounded into one manageable page.  The ability to spread an event over several social networks, and then manage all of those pages in one convenient dashboard is a luxury for event planners and managers.

Experiment with some of these tools next time you are planning an event, and see how much easier the promotion process will become.

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