Who to Hire in your Coworking Space

The people helping you run your coworking space are the backbone of the business. Without manpower, it is impossible to run a business. They also represent your company and are the ones interacting with members daily. Therefore, it is important to have the right people in your space. 

To do this, you have to decide how many staff you’re going to need and what are their specific positions. With so many different things going around in a coworking space, what are the necessary positions that you need to hire to improve the overall performance? Make sure that these are aligned according to the needs of your space based on your assessment. From there, you can create your job descriptions to guide you in finding qualified people. 

Here are the key positions that you should hire:

Operations Team

The Operations team is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the coworking space. These people are working behind the scenes to ensure that all things run smoothly in the space. This includes the Operations Manager and the Operations Coordinator. The responsibilities of the team include:

  • Ensure daily logistics of the space are taken cared of
  • Manage communication with third-party services such as cleaning and outside vendors for food and supplies
  • Oversees and tracks the progress of long-term projects
  • Coordinates the development of the team
  • Develops and redefines operations procedures

Member Management Team

A coworking space is successful if it continues to attract potential more members. The proper management of the members and events that fosters member relationship is the role of the Member Management team. The head of this team is the Community Manager. For larger spaces, then you might want to add an Assistant Community Manager. The Member Management team is the employees where they hold the most customer interactions daily. The responsibilities of the team include:

  • Creating a fun and hospital coworking environment
  • Engaging with members, getting feedback and communicating with the Operations team to improve members’ experience
  • Ushers guests, potential members and assist in tours
  • Event planning, coordinating, and hosting
  • Resolve members request and complaints
  • Opening and closing the space
  • Tidying of common areas

Sales and Marketing Team

To have an increasing number of potential members, the Marketing team is responsible for creating a vibe that attracts new members and thinks of best practices to retain existing members. The Marketing Manager should be well updated on the different marketing strategies and trends in the coworking space industry. You can hire only one Marketing Manager that will manage marketing activities, however, you can add more once you see that is fitting to the situation. The responsibilities of the team include:

  • Planning and executing of marketing strategies
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Build social media presence and grow an online community
  • Implement specific marketing KPIs to track progress
  • Coordinate with Community Manager for the coworking space events
  • Scout for possible partnerships with local business

Final Words

All the teams work together hand-in-hand to ensure the operation, member management, and marketing side of the coworking space are at their best performance. If one loses its arm, the other departments will be affected as well. As the space owner, you have the leadership role to guide the space to its fullest potential. You don’t just leave the team on their plans, but you have to be visible and updated on their plans and implementation. Through working with them, you’ll be able to look for ways of improvement and expansion. There are other positions that you may add but we have provided here the essential positions that you need for your coworking space. Check out our new feature on Coworkify, wherein multiple owners can manage your space.


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