How to Attract Freelancers on your Coworking Space

Considering the work nature and rising number of freelancers nowadays, a coworking space is what they need instead of coffee offices or homes. It’s a perfect place for them to stay productive without leaving their freedom as a freelancer. Many would like to work at home, but who would agree that working at home would compromise productivity. For this reason, freelancers should look for a good place to work to keep them motivated and avoid unnecessary distractions.

Even though freelancers aren’t working directly with other people, the good thing is that they’re still around other people. Your coworking space should have this sense of community for them to be involved in and look forward always as they visit your space. If freelancers can work either at home or at coffee shops, then as space owners, how can you attract them to work on your coworking space? Here are some ways to do it.

Offer Diverse Membership Packages

Many freelancers are doing their jobs part-time only. For this reason, your membership package should represent part-time options to allow flexibility. You can offer daily passes or present a limited amount of days each month when they can work in your space.

Make Google as your Marketing Tool

List your coworking space on Google. Include the opening hours, your space phone number, email and website details and allow your members to add their photos of the venue in the Google listing. This would help to build awareness and gain an online presence for your space. By creating an Adword campaign, you are reaching potential customers who are interested in coworking space.

Offer a Free Trial

Allow potential customers to spend one day at your space for free. This will give them a chance to have on-hand experience working in your space. At the same time, this will draw more prospective members.

Create a Referral Program

Offer discounts to members who bring their acquaintances and you’ll be amazed how useful this tactic is. You’ll be surprised that a percentage of these people are freelancers who are looking for space or just curious about how a coworking space environment might be. In any type of business, word of mouth is still the most effective delivery channel.

Social Media Presence

Create a social media account on Instagram and/or Facebook and put posts regularly with good quality photos or videos relevant to your space. Social media influence is very helpful in attracting potential members. Posting some of your services and the people inside your space will certainly gain an audience from prospective members. Also, be active in engaging with comments and answering inquiries to reflect on how engaging your activity on social media.

Host Useful Events

Host fun social events and practical workshops for non-members and you’ll see an influx of new members. In organizing an event, keep in mind that the sense of community matters in coworking space. Have events that encourage collaboration and networking among other coworkers from different industries. 

Partner with Local Business

Partner with restaurants, coffee shops, and fitness centers to offer your members special discounts at these venues. This way you both advertise your coworking space and these establishments will benefit as well.


Freelancers who work better in non-standard hours have the freedom to choose which place to work. Coworking space is not their only option. As space owner, you should market your coworking space with a good strategy. Be sure that the amenities you advertise are available and functional for their needs. Let your place promote community where they can be a part of, especially if they are not regular members of the space. 


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