What is Expected of a Good Community Manager in a Coworking Space

Many coworking spaces thrive nowadays. The creative environment of coworking spaces invites freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and small companies to kick start their business and dodge expensive rent agreements. However, coworking spaces have their own set of difficulties, specifically when it comes to management. There will always be a need for a community manager who will single-handedly maintain and grow space’s membership, reduce turnover, and even improve the lives of coworkers. 

In theory, community managers operate, regulate, and engage with the company’s online community to build and increase brand awareness and loyalty. They stand as relationship builders since they interact and engage with customers and key members within the community. 

In a coworking space, community managers do almost everything! They are responsible for building a sense of community, that ranges from making connections between members to running coworking events that foster relationships. They make sure the coffee is flowing, space is clean, manage or take care of countless other responsibilities.

Responsibilities of Community Manager

  • Welcome visitors and members
  • Maintain the cleanliness
  • Keeps everything in good working condition, from copier to Wifi
  • Schedule and plan events
  • Manages mailroom, delivery packages, lunch orders and more
  • Coordinate fun and social events
  • Billing

Looking at the responsibilities, a good community manager has an impact on the success of the coworking space. They build a healthy and engaging environment for the coworking space where members can work and socialize together. Whenever coworkers need assistance, they are the go-to people for a boost of energy. The members will feel assured and supported knowing that someone on the staff that they can approach and whose focus is on forming bonds and meaningful relationships. Community managers are often the unsung heroes that make or break a coworking space.

Qualities of a Good Coworking Space Community Managers

Helpful – You want to have a good reputation of having a helpful person in your staff who “did” this or ”that” for the members of the space. Being helpful and friendly will build a strong community in your coworking space. Having a helpful community manager invites potential members especially people want their needs to be met.

Accountable – A good community manager can be trusted in everything he or she does. As they handle responsibilities, they should be trusted with everything that is on their shoulders.

Events and Party Organizer – They should be well versed in organizing events such as seminars and workshops. A good balance of educational experiences and a fun and entertaining coworking events for community members socialize and network among themselves. 

Good Salesperson – Consistency in encouraging and inviting new members. Community managers will look for ways and new ideas to increase potential members of the space. At the same time, they know how to protect and maintain the existing members of the space.

Authentic – Lastly, a good community manager must be true to themselves so they can build deep and long-lasting relationships. Members would appreciate genuine gestures rather than doing it just for the sale of the role. 


It’s very important to have a community manager who helps to establish a flourishing and vibrant coworking space. If you are looking for a good community manager, skills and character are important to look at. The real key to the amazing success of your coworking space is community managers. They bring life to your growing coworking community. How do you describe your community manager?


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