What are the Best Coworking Membership Plans for your Members

Managing your coworking space is a serious business. Deskmag reported that around 1.7 million people will be working around the world. And on average, coworking spaces are now serving 150 or more members. Having diverse members in your coworking space seriously needs a proper management plan to meet their many different needs. One of the best things you and your team can do is to regularly monitor the needs of your members and prospective members as to the types of memberships and each membership tier includes.

Below, we’ve provided most of the common types of Coworking membership plans and why they’ll work well for your members.

Hot Desk

The hot desk gives members access to the coworking space but doesn’t have a particular spot on a given day, meaning those with this option change desk daily. This type features a first-come-first-served basis during regular days. This is ideal for freelancers, remote workers, and startups. You can set up the plan on a per day, per month or even hourly basis, giving the member maximum freedom. 

Dedicated Desk

The dedicated desk gives coworking professionals the chance to have their permanent desk in your coworking space. You are offering your members a quieter environment, which makes it easier to focus on more intensive projects while still working with like-minded people. This is beneficial for people who want more personal space and storage space. You can use a door access control system for the members who avail of this membership especially after their traditional office hours for security purposes.

Private Offices

This is perfect for members who need to occasionally host one-on-one client meetings or those who need to regularly work on projects that require quiet and concentration. Private offices may vary to serve a variety of needs among your members. Some are using it for regular group meetings, client meetings, or individual works. If you run out of the private office to rent, you can offer a group of dedicated desks, and give extra meeting room space-time as an incentive to them. 

Weekender or Hourly rate

Many coworking spaces offer hourly rates or those who need these timings, especially for those who are just in town for a short time or they only need a room occasionally. Hourly office spaces are the most flexible since the members are to pay only for the time they need it.

Virtual Office

If you have members who want to establish a professional image for their home-based business or need to establish a satellite office at an affordable price, then you may consider having this type of membership plan. These are for people who need an office address and a place to hold meetings, however, do not need a workspace. 

Final Thoughts

Coworking spaces are to offer a wide range of membership options that provides flexibility to appeal to everyone who might need it. It is important to provide many options as possible to your members and provide many benefits to your dedicated members. The competition may be fierce, but knowing what is the need of your members and addressing it properly will surely help you and your team provide the desired service. 

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