Key Benefits of Honesty in Marketing your Coworking Space

When you think of marketing practice, honesty probably isn’t the first thing that comes into mind. As we talk about marketing, we become excited if it shares about effective strategies and tips that can help the business gain profit and customers. However, honesty in marketing? Being honest about your business’ strengths is the easy part. What can be difficult is acknowledging your shortcomings and weakness. Even though it is hard but you can still display transparency in your business about what you are and what you aren’t. At the end of it all, without honesty, there can be no trust. Here are the key benefits of the importance of honesty in marketing.

It builds a good reputation in your industry and in your community as well

One of the best ways to market your space is not overtly trying to sell it to people. Because in doing so, it can be tempting to fudge the details a bit especially when you’re just starting out. In marketing, it generally engages to audiences because it considers what a customer wants from a business, rather than forcing to customers what the business wants to say. 

One example is advertising it to the public, “We have Super-fast Wifi”. If you have, then it’s good. But if your wifi is nothing to shout about, then maybe you want to take a look at upgrading it so that you can confidently market this. It will be better to let your prospects know your download and upload speed on your website. Rather than failing their expectations. A reputation for honesty is a kind of thing that can have a real ripple effect. 

It builds a sense of trust

Like any good relationship, trust is very important in this exchange. If the members trust you, they are confident that you can deliver what they’re looking for. Being honest with your potential members can be scary, but if you are able to overcome that hurdle, then it can be rewarding. 

An example of tampering honesty is telling people that you have partnered with a well-known partner such as local government official since the two of you once did an event together. Unfortunately, that’s not really true but it’s just an exaggeration. This can tamper your reputation when members ultimately find the truth. The better way to do this is to secure real partners by doing difficult work. They don’t have to be big as long as they are real partners who will talk about you to other people, which further expands your business. 

It attracts ideal members to your space

Since your business has built a sense of trust around its members, potential members as well can definitely trust what your space offers to them. Acknowledging your faults makes customers trust the legitimacy of your strengths. And once they find out the areas of your strengths, they will definitely choose your service. Positive word-of-mouth from a satisfied customer is more effective in influencing a customer. 

Your coworking space will stand out

You don’t only build a good reputation, but you will also stand out from the rest. Honesty in marketing is difficult, and when people acknowledge the transparency you have shown to them, then they will definitely trust you. Showing honesty here is also exemplifying what you say. Being honest will separate your business from the pack in a manner customers find endearing. Here’s to more tips on how to make your coworking space stand out.

Lastly, it improves your mental health

When you are determined, to be honest, you’ll find that you experience a great sense of relief. There’s no need to cover up lies, whether they are big or small, and you can be relaxed to yourself as the owner of the space. Your confidence in what you say will shine to the coworking community around you which has a positive impact on them. 


Whether your space is brand new, or you’ve been around for a long time, being 100% real and authentic will help bring the right people to your coworking space and ensure you will meet your members’ expectations. When you let go of the need to bend the truth, you let around you see its positive effect, and your business will flourish as well as a result. 

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