Tips on Making your Coworkify Space Stands Out

There are loads of coworking spaces and loads of new ones every week. No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll face competition. However, competition is a good idea. It makes us better and it drives innovation. The competition forces companies out of complacency. No matter how much competition you face, there are many ways to make your coworking space successful by showing what makes it unique from the rest.

Why Making your Coworking Space Stands Out is Important?

Just because you’ve built your space with a cool cafe, don’t assume you’ll be 100% occupied just yet. Making your space stands out gives customers a clear reason to place their money with you. The clearer you know what constitutes your competitive advantage, the easier it is for you to focus your efforts and investments, market your services and convince your customers. Also, your customers will not have a hard time sharing your coworking space to others, since they can easily identify what makes you stand out from the rest.

Here are some tips to making your Coworking Space stands out:

Accessible Location

One of the best ways to make your space stands out is to choose an accessible location wisely. If your city has all the spaces concentrated around the area, then put it another side of the city. In order for you to determine the location wisely, then you have to understand first who your coworking and the shared workspace is for. If your target market is students, then you can strategically place your space near to universities. Or if your market is business travelers, then you can place it near airports.

Fast and Reliable Wifi

Wifi is the most important thing an office needs. Invest in a good wifi provider and your members will not only be amazed by it but will want to stay and keep coming back. Imagine if your coworking space stands out in your area because it is known for its fast wifi connection.

Alternate Seating Choices

Do you know that most of the people nowadays look into the creativity of the space? Seating choices have an impact on the interior design of the space. One of the things that help with differentiating a coworking space is the types of seating options. You can have an area that uses couches, beanbag chairs or hammocks. You can stand out with unique desks and a good layout on arranging it well. Depending on your target market, use seating style that fits their needs and that is convenient for them.

Dedicate Space for Phone Booths and Meeting Rooms

Help your space stand out by including phone booths that also double as video/Skype booths. Also, ensure that they are soundproof to minimize distractions, and offer good lighting for video conferences. To make your meeting rooms different from others, you can offer a meeting room that is for a larger crowd with 20 or 25 people inside.

Stock up on Basic Amenities

Think of the basic items that you see on the office and ensure that you provide these things to your members. Offering essentials, such as paper clips, sticky notes, folders, pens, small notebook, and other basic office stuff. This helps you draw in members since they don’t have to worry about the small stuff.  

Create support systems for your customers

One of the ways to stand out is to incremental value to your existing service. Can you find partners who can provide the entrepreneurs with financial and accounting services who work inside your space? Can you negotiate to get better airfares or book cabs in advance for your clients? Can you provide options for healthcare, childcare, career counseling? And the list is endless. If you are able to prove that you consistently support your community, then you’ll be recognized by it.

Have an Outdoor Area

While people want to work inside, others do their best work with natural air and sunlight. This can be a balcony, courtyard, or rooftop. Ensure that there is sufficient seating in this outdoor space.

Make a bold move

A bold move grabs attention. If you are a coworking space that wants to move away from closed offices and wants to reconnect with nature, you can design secluded meeting rooms with full wifi access under palm trees. If you’re focusing on aesthetics, invest in details that wow your clients.

Cultivate Community

Differentiate your coworking space by cultivating a feeling of community. The culture your promote and attract through messaging should be consistent throughout all of your channels. There should be a common identity that unites all people in your community.


Whatever you do, standing out is not a one-time trophy, but is a rigorous and continuous endeavor. This can be a challenge, but this is what makes your member wants to join and stay with you for as long as possible.

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