How to Socialize at Coworking Spaces

Conversations are supposed to be fun. They involve personal interactions between two or more people about something of interest. But many people worry about having conversations. They are concerned that they won’t be able to keep the conversation going, or about what they will say. Keeping a conversation going is something of an art and one which many of us now seem to lack especially with the presence of technology nowadays.

Communication skills are important regardless of whether you’re working alongside a great coworking community of full-time colleagues or sharing space with individual remote workers. Even if you belong to any language or any specific field, communication is necessary. It’s a way of interacting with each other. Engage yourself with them. Ask fellow coworkers a question, and encourage them to call out their thoughts to establish friendships.

Listed below are few encouraging ways to improve your conversation skills in the coworking space:

Socialize outside

By getting to know coworkers outside of work, you will develop rich relationships that can actually help improve your career while talking on different things. When you connect with people outside of a business context, you have the opportunity to get to know them on a deeper personal level and can ask them about their skills, hobbies, what they’re currently up to and anything that you can relate together.

Coworking spaces would usually hold a series of events that allow its diverse members to learn from one another. From presentations, workshops, networking events and even happy hours, all of these activities are conceptualized as an avenue for co-workers to freely socialize and celebrate at the same time. As a member of the space, take advantage of the said gatherings. Socializing with coworkers is essential for you. It helps you and your career in multiple ways. It boosts your communication skills and helps you build trust in like-minded individuals.

Be brief and effective

If you attend any event with your coworkers, it will be better to keep your conversation brief and focused so they don’t get bored. When you’re too long-winded, your listener will quickly become bored and tune you out. Have the restraint to trim down your message and say fewer, but clearer and more concise words. This will spark the listener’s interest, and he or she will actively want to hear more from you.

Avoid over drinking

For some, it’s a natural way to bond with people that you probably spend more time with than your significant other. For others, that time is already more than enough. And there is also the question of behavior, of course. Drinking is a common social activity. People meet with friends or coworkers over drinks at the end of a workday to decompress. However, irresponsible social drinking could spur problems. Alcohol can often lead to situations that would be merely embarrassing in private life but are devastating to career. To avoid problems, social drinkers must know their limits.

Avoid bashing

Always be careful about what you say and avoid mentioning names, particularly in a negative context. Embarrassing your colleagues in the workplace can decrease morale and lead to an unhappy work environment. In order to cope, you must first ask yourself why it’s happening, then make a decision on how you want to respond. If you feel the need to bring up an issue with a colleague and the only way is to do it publicly, think twice before taking action. Communication is the key to creating a happy and productive workplace. So use your words wisely and take action in a respectful way.


Some coworking spaces will coordinate volunteer activities to give back to the community. Joining one is a worthwhile experience since it fosters a positive perspective in life and it’s a good way to revive yourself busy schedule. At the same time, friendships are molded during the volunteering experience.

Never skip outings

Quarterly happy hours can be a great way to get together without creating an overwhelming demand for busy schedules. Going outside will develop self-confidence, which is very important for being productive. Along with having loads of fun and enjoyment, get-togethers like these encourage conversation.


There are many ways to improve your conversation skills. The tips we mentioned above are just a few of the many things. What matters most is that you focus on company culture and integrate it into your workday. This can be a great way to feel more connected to each other and the organization itself. Make socialization as part of your system already. You will meet and learn from people and at the same time, the experiences built together are worthwhile.

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