How to Start Content Marketing at your Coworking Space

The use of online marketing is very helpful to boost your presence in the flexible workspace arena. But, what makes you different from other shared workspaces is by using content marketing. But you may wonder why content marketing is important? Using content will help you provide valuable resources, tell stories of your space, staff, members, and neighborhood, and sharing your purpose and mission to your target market. As a result, content marketing will help you boost your visibility and it can help you build stronger relationships with your leads and customers.

A content marketing strategy involves using different types of content to build awareness of your space. It can take many forms, such as offers, regular blogs, email newsletters, infographics, social media, and any other method that engages with your target audience. The question is, where do you start? Here are content tips to market a coworking space and differentiate it from other coworking spaces in your local area.

Know your Audience

Defining your target audience will help you focus on creating effective content based on the needs of your target market, establish you as a leader in your industry, and ultimately increase sales. Ask these questions to yourselves: Who are you creating content for? Who do you want to reach? Existing members? Local entrepreneurs? Freelancers? Local leaders? University students and Professors?

Once you define your audience, you can create content tailored to their needs and interests. You can check reviews, comments, and other forms of customer feedback so that you will know about what your potential customers like and dislike.

Create a Blog Site

Every piece of content you create should reside on a domain you control. If you don’t have a blog yet, then you can use platforms such as WordPress to help you get started. There are plenty of blog platforms to choose from, you just have to find one that fits with your business.

Write Good Content

From a content marketing perspective, you should create content that adds real value to your target audience. Don’t use it as a way to sell. Rather use it to address the wider trends and news, tell the stories of your community, and provide your own unique insights to build your reputation as an industry expert in your chosen field. The more you position yourself as the go-to source for information and answers, the more valuable you become.

When generating content ideas, think about how people will search on things when they have a question. In response, you will have ideas on how to add value to your content.

As a start, you can tell the stories of your community, showcase the cool things you’re doing in your space, and feature highlight events you have. You may feature your staff and how the coworking community impacts you, or you can post resource or amenities updates of your coworking space.  

Use Social Media and SEO

In order to maintain and build a strong presence on social media, you need to regularly share information, ideas, links, videos, and photos. The content that sets you apart is the content you create yourself. Social media enables you to share and promote your content. It is one of the easiest ways to market your coworking space online. Here is a guide to know how.

If you want to educate your local community about coworking or if you’re in a competitive market, creating an SEO strategy should be on your priority list. Focus on being found for specific keyword phrases. If you create a consistent, keyword-rich content that your target market is searching for, then you can boost your SEO results.

It is important to know your audience and ask yourself on what your target market wants to know, then you’ll be able to share a unique perspective that makes you different from other coworking spaces.


If you really want to see content marketing in action, it’s time to get started. It can be difficult to get started, but it’s a highly cost-effective strategy to get more people to your space.

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