How to Secure Your Coworking Space

Cool, trendy and flexible—the first things to come into someone’s mind when thinking of coworking spaces. However, once you set up your space openly and stylishly, you also need to secure it. Securing your business against unauthorized access should be one of your priorities before you proceed on starting to operate.

Here are some tips that you should embrace to enhance security in your coworking space:

Physical Security System

First, Front desk people plays an important role in making a good impression. Coworking spaces are well-served by having someone at the front desk who manages the entire visitor experiences, including security. Second, You can also hire a security guard on duty. Having a security guard on duty eases coworkers’ minds and make them feel secure within the space. Third, you might want to install a CCTV system that will help you easily monitor all that is going around the office. It is a good security feature that allows you to know how something happened and who could have done any crime that is discovered.

Strong Data and Security

Establishing a strong and secure network for your members to use is the key to keeping all digital information in your space safe. It’s crucial to protect your customers’ devices and data from being hacked. For WiFi connections, allocate unique credentials and a password to each user. You can also go one step further: Individualised private WiFi networks are becoming the way to go for optimal digital security. You could also purchase an electric timer, which basically would shut off WiFi access overnight.

Access Control System

Install an access control system so that only those who are authorized can access to some parts of the coworking space. With a tap of a phone or swipe of a card, authorized users will gain access to any room you designate. You can also control the access of the users with different memberships. An example, your regular members can have full access while weekend members can have their access blocked to any given room or at any given time. You can regulate the entry of the members through an access control system like KISI.  Check our latest integration with KISI.

Additionally, get intruder alarms so you can know when someone not allowed to enter in some areas.

Password Protection

Access to your network with hard-to-crack logins, or require users to authenticate using their own unique credentials. If your users access the network through one password, change it up regularly, and create a separate network for non-members and members.

Protect Network Systems and Printers

Many businesses store vital files in clouds using networks. If the networks are not secured well, then it can be easily hacked. To prevent this from happening, ensure that your business uses an encryption technology that is up to date. Also, your computers should have an active antivirus and antimalware software.

Fire Safety

Lastly, you want to protect your coworking space against the risk of fire. Installing a fire alarm system will help you to report immediately any slight sign of fire. 


It can be quite difficult to create a sense of liveliness while also getting serious about security. But, this shouldn’t be taken for granted. This is not only for you but also for your coworkers and visitors. Hope this article has helped you a lot. Share your experience with us on how you secure your coworking space.


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