How to Revive your Coworking Meeting Rooms

Team meetings are important and an essential part of building a team and achieving the team’s objectives. The meetings are an open opportunity to come together, reflect on progress and help each other.

Every great meeting has on its agenda the goal of coming to a decision about what actions people in the company should take next. One of the most stressful things to do for any business owner is planning a successful business meeting. Choosing the right facility is vital in ensuring that your meeting is a success.

Benefits of a Good Meeting Room

First benefit of a great meeting room is that it can actually help your meetings run much smoother. This is because there are no interruptions or trouble that’s due to lack of certain necessities in the meeting room. If you have a meeting room that meets all of your needs, then you don’t have to worry to get the attention of your guests. Second, it will give your guests a great first impression of you and the company. A great meeting room can help you attract customers, which will eventually lead to growth and expansion.

Ways to Revive your Coworking Meeting Rooms:

Clean the room

The meeting room is often ‘where the magic happens’ for many businesses. Whether you impress potential clients, masterminding smart strategies that will take your company further or nurture your team with inspiring training, meeting rooms can help make it all happen.

A clean, tidy meeting space is far preferable to a cluttered space. Make sure you keep these spaces free of surface clutter and take a moment to wipe down all surfaces either before or after each meeting so that it’s ready to go for the next session. A twice weekly vacuum (dependent on the amount of foot traffic) will keep the floor clean too.

A breath of fresh air is important. This means that many meeting spaces can feel stuffy and feature-poor ventilation. Stuffy, stale-smelling rooms are not conducive to creativity or productivity, which is why it’s so important to keep them feeling fresh.

Pay Attention to the little things

Little things matter a lot. Make sure you pay attention to the little things. That’s why it’s important not to overlook the little things which can make meeting rooms look less-than-lovely. From mildew on the inside of the window frames to unsightly bundles of wires and dust-besmirched TV screens. Pay attention to the little things your guests are likely to notice them. You can do minor rearrangement of the layout to freshen things up in a meeting room.

Invest on flexible table and comfortable chairs

Choose meeting tables, bench tables or desks that can be connected together, and make it possible to change the table area as required.

It’s important to understand how the room will be used and identify key requirements. For example, will people need to move the chairs around and swivel to look at a screen? If so, a requirement might be chairs on casters that can swivel. Alternatively, if the room is meant for creative work, you might want to provide alternative seating that encourages more freedom.

Update the Tech in Your Meeting Room

One of the most important elements to having a professional, modern workspace is a great conference room with  technology. Technology has made activities more efficient, sophisticated and accessible especially for remote workers. In today’s business environment; laptops, smartphones, and tablets are crucial to productivity, so it’s only logical that your meeting room equipment are advanced enough. Updating the conference room with technology is a good experience for your members to have productive meetings.

What do you need?

You should install wireless connectivity whether its Apple TV or Google Chromecast, using flat-screen TVs and streaming devices has replaced the projector in many modern workspaces. If your room can accommodate a large wall-mounted TV, and surround sound, all members will benefit from this.

Good Lighting

Since there are many events in meeting rooms from face to face interviews by presentations to large conferences, it is very important to gather attention in these areas. On the other hand, the design and the lighting of these areas reflect the company culture to guests in a different way.

Lighting is crucial to the meeting room experience. Poor lighting can suck the energy out of a room. Excessively soft lighting might result in participants dozing off. On the other hand, harsh lighting might not be conducive for reading and viewing screens. So make sure you fix the lightning that is conducive for meetings.


Sound management is often one of the most neglected pieces in meeting room design. Meeting rooms that are designed without consideration for sound often result in unwanted side effects.

If the conference room audio system is not the cause of poor audio experiences, it could be the acoustics and design of your conference room itself creating the problem. You can use something as simple as a white noise machine to give the room a sense of privacy, or hang soundproofing curtains.

Color Scheme

Choosing the right color palette for public areas such as lobbies and more specific and focused spaces such as a meeting or conference rooms requires focus on both the dedicated purpose of the area and the type of people who will be gathered there. Colors inspire different moods and emotions. Some workers might feel inspired by a palette of cool blues and greens in the room, while others might feel too relaxed to focus and others might just feel uncomfortably cold.

Take the time to choose the colors carefully since its great to make your lobby or conference room as welcoming as possible.


So, these are some of the ways to revive your meeting rooms. If you ask most of your staff if they like to attend meetings, you may hear some of the hesitation. Many employees dislike meetings. When you have to huddle around a laptop or dim the lights for an outdated slide presentation, you’re killing the spirit of creativity and collaboration.

All this to say, an efficient team is a more effective team, so having the most up-to-date tech in your meeting space, a good and positive aura inside, allows your staff to interact with one another.




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