What are the Technological Needs in Coworking Spaces?

What is a Coworking Space?

It’s a  shared office space which also means a vast network, that enables you to get some network outside your company. You wouldn’t meet the same people, you would meet other people from other companies. If you are an entrepreneur looking for a startup office space for rent, then working in a coworking space is the ideal choice.

Moreover, coworking space offers the facilities you would normally get in a normal office, you don’t need to worry about paying for the internet, coffee machine, cleaning services, and other facilities because the coworking space would handle that. It’s an alternative to working from home where people do not feel isolated and can keep away from distractions.

Why choose Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces develop a source of connection among coworkers, they make you feel part of a community. Most members work out of their homes and they need a coworking space that provides all technological requirements that they’re looking for. Having the most up-to-date technology is most important for any business.

Why do we need Technology?

Technology refers to the use of tools, gadgets, and resources that help us control and adapt to our environment. It refers to the knowledge and utilization of tools, techniques, and systems in order to serve a bigger purpose like solving problems or making life easier and better. Its significance on humans is tremendous because it helps them adapt to the environment. Your space cannot be deemed “tech-friendly” without a good dose of special equipment.

List of Basic Technological Needs of a Coworking Space

Reliable Internet Connection

Internet at a coworking space is a crucial factor which can be a make or break decision for the majority of clients. Fast, reliable internet connections are the glue that holds every coworking space together. That connection needs to consistently perform at peak capacity in terms of bandwidth, speed, and security. In a coworking environment, people need quick access to internet services. If you’ve ever been subjected to slow internet in a coworking space, you know the struggle already.

Uninterrupted Electric Supply

Without electricity, your whole business can come to a standstill with no running computers and other electronic devices. Thus, providing an uninterrupted power supply is probably the biggest prerequisite for coworking members. Coworking spaces need a 24/7 power supply to maintain the continuity of operations.

Smart workstation

A smart workstation provides a healthier, safer and happier place to be. From access control to improved lighting and temperature control, from member authentication and online meeting room bookings. There should also be an advance building access control system for members to stop letting anyone enter the work premises. There should be smart door locks for your coworking space. The latest technology allows members to enter coworking spaces with no keys at all. A smart workstation simply means a better workspace with better technology.

Flat screens and Tablets

Flat Screen is designed to save time. When you need high-tech access, just press the button. Screens should be well positioned, starting with the meeting room. Decide the size of the screen or overhead projector based on your budget. Don’t forget to link everything to your network. You can equip your meeting room with tablets and offer them to your coworkers for their presentations and work meetings. Or, install a tablet at the entrance of your space to play the role of a concierge. Anyone who comes for a meeting can report their arrival by a pre-written, intermediary text message indicating precisely what time they entered.  Also, you could set up a digital screen in your meeting rooms to show the daily schedule, and book rooms via smartphone.

Sound Facility

Can you imagine working in a coworking space without a sound facility? Now that you have visuals in place, don’t neglect sound! A good screen is always made complete with powerful speakers, if your budget is too limited to install the latest home theater design. Some are excellently manufactured at very reasonable prices and plug into all kinds of devices. Another option that provides unparalleled sound quality yet maintains quiet in the office: headphones. Why not provide personal headsets with microphones to your members for their phone calls?

Digital Payment Systems

People nowadays no longer carry cash in their pockets. There are digital payment systems that are appropriate for coworking spaces to handle the bookings, billing payments in the most stress-free manner. Go paperless and take your payment system digital.

Final words

There’s a lot of technologies that you can use in your coworking spaces. Find what makes your coworking space efficient and productive for everyone. What are your thoughts? Share your valuable insights with us.

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