Benefits of Using a Coworking Management Software

We all know that Coworking has become very popular to many entrepreneurs, professionals, and digital nomads. The number of coworking spaces worldwide is projected to soon cross 20,000 and reach 25, 968 by 2022. This also means that there is an average increase of 2, 595 new spaces every year since 2015.

The busyness on managing, operating, and doing marketing can be a hassle. So how can this be managed effectively? Then you will need a Coworking Management Software to help you stay on top of management.

Listed below are the benefits of using Coworking Management Software in your space.

Saves Time and Effort

Instead of looking at what your competitor is using, start assessing how much time you and your staff dedicate on filling out spreadsheets via Excel, sharing works via Google Drive, and connecting member data from one system to another? Or if you have multiple space locations or want to open one, do you have a way of managing it without confusion? Booking resources, membership plans, wi-fi for guests and members, and other features of your space are something that can take up your staff hours time if you process everything manually. Coworking software manages everything instantly to keep your space well-organized for better management of your time and space.  Also, if you are in a business meeting or away from the office, you still have control of your coworking space.

Efficient Meeting Room Bookings

One of the important features of every coworking space is on managing the bookings and resources. You allow members and guests to find and book the resources and amenities they want to use inside your space. Coworkify has its own Booking Calendar, wherein, resources are booked at specific times by checking the color-coded calendar. It’s not difficult to use. Even drop-ins can use the booking calendar with no confusion. 

Easy Payment Collection Process

Most of the regular days, payments and recording are done manually. Imagine the stress it would cause especially if you have a growing number of members. Even with the presence of Excel, there are still tendencies of wrong input of data. In coworking software, invoices are directly integrated which makes life easier. In Coworkify, it allows members to register their credit cards through Stripe and Paypal. We see to it that the need for processing payments and invoicing is met with simplicity.

Simple User Interface

We designed our coworking software so that everyone can learn to use it. With a simple interface, space owners won’t have a major problem in learning the process of the system. In addition, they can enjoy vital time in managing their business not neglecting other tasks.

Member Experience

Coworking Management Software allows a whole new experience for your members. It grants them an option to sign up for memberships and create bookings without speaking to any one of your staff. Other than that, you are giving them access to your coworking space at the palm of their hands.


There are many benefits of using Coworking Management Software. To manage operational complexities, it’s best to go about a coworking software designed for coworking spaces. This is very helpful in transforming your space for the best result in productivity and efficiency. Thus, coworking software is now a necessity for your coworking space. Be sure to take a visit on Coworkify Features and see why we are the best software for your coworking space.

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