12 Event Ideas to Build Community for Coworking Spaces

Coworking is exploding nowadays because it gives freelancers, independent workers, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to network, engage, and collaborate. It builds a community of like-minded coworkers. Coworking spaces shouldn’t just be all about work, but it should also be about building camaraderie and community. As such, organizing an event is a great idea. Coworking events solidify and highlight the core values of any coworking environment.

Here are a few you could consider:

Happy Hours

Happy hours are not just about having cheaper drinks, it is a time where people can get to know each other better. As a space owner, you should welcome members to end their workday with a beer or a glass of wine. Schedule a happy hour on regular days and update your members not too late so they can still find time to attend. This way, it helps independent workers to find their place in the community. It doesn’t have to be expensive though. You can still stick to a tight budget and achieve successful happy hours for the people in your shared office space.

Lunch and Learn

Over lunch, you can host a book club, brainstorming session or social potluck meal. Another approach is you can invite an outside expert to offer advice to members on topics, whether it be work productivity, work/life balance, accounting, and other. Make sure that the luncheon topic will be appealing and not too long to drag their time away.

Create Accountability Group

Creating an accountability group helps develop a spirit of mutual support in your coworking space by enabling members to support each other. How to do this? Members of the group shall meet regularly and share what they’re currently working on and discuss what they want to be held accountable for.

Purposeful Networking

Coworking spaces offer the advantage to be surrounded with goal oriented and high-achieving entrepreneurs and business people. So if you host a networking event, you allow members to connect with each other and help them grow. In order for this to be effective, put the organizer in charge of making connections so that everyone shall meet someone interesting to them.

Monthly Classes or Training

What knowledge and skills do your members need? Small business accounting? Social media marketing? Leadership workshop? Coordinate with a local expert or maybe one of your members to offer a series of monthly classes that are relevant to your members.

Food Truck Extravaganza

If food trucks have taken over your city, then organize a weekly lunch trip to explore the newest craze.

Family Events

Employees are happier when their families are involved. So, you can move the occasional networking event to a park-like setting where it will be conducive to casual conversation, — and nothing breaks down the barriers like children.

Morning Exercise Session

Nothing gets the brain going like exercise. Bring in a yoga teacher or organize an early morning run group occasionally. Moreover, you can do other activities that encourage exercises such as bike rides, Zumba, pet yoga, or a fitness session.

Monthly Game or Sports Nights

Once a month, break out the board games or organize a friendly sports game among members including their family and friends. This brings in fun and teamwork within the coworking space community.

Free Days Pass

You can offer a limited number of free day passes to non-members. Through this, you’re giving new people a taste of what your space has to offer and it is the best way to convert them into regular members.

Entrepreneur Talks

Invite local entrepreneurs and let them share their success stories, including the obstacles they encountered and how they are able to overcome it. Through these talks, you are motivating your members and mentoring them to be better leaders in their businesses.

Serve Days

Allow members to propose ideas for serve days. Choose the most popular idea, schedule the day, and plan on what to prepare and how you will organize this event. Working for the betterment of the community will not only give back to the community, but it also strengthens the bond and values between members.


When it comes to initiating and organizing an event, you’ll never run out of events that will build community in your coworking space. You just have to execute the mix of events that will lay the foundation for a thriving coworking community. A positive workspace culture can impact happiness and satisfaction to coworkers. To know more, check our blog on How to Improve Workspace Culture.

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