3 Advantages Most Event Bloggers Fail to Leverage

One of the best ways to promote and cover an event is through a blog.  A blog can help spread awareness about an event as well as serve as a recap for those who missed the event.  However, many event bloggers fail to leverage some of the most important advantages that will make their promotion and coverage the most effective.

Here are three advantages that any event blogger should leverage when blogging about an event:

Incorporate Video Content from Speakers


What better than an actual video of the speaker?  For those who either missed the event, or those who simply want to see it again (because it was just that awesome), a quality video of the speaker is crucial to creating a post that will generate traffic and shares.  In order to make the most of the video, event bloggers should keep these two things in mind:

  • Host the video from your own site.  If you host the video from your own site rather than uploading it to YouTube and then embedding the video on your site, Google will determine the original source of the video as your site, therefore ranking your site rather than YouTube.  If you upload to YouTube and then embed the video on your site, YouTube will be determined as the original source and this will do nothing for your own page’s rank.
  • Make sure your video is optimized for the web.  It’s important to remember that many people watching your video will be viewing from a laptop or mobile device, so you want to make sure that the video will be optimized for these devices.  If you’re filming with a wide-angle lens, the speaker will hardly be visible on a smartphone.


Utilize Guest Posts from Speakers


Guest posts are huge for event bloggers.  If your site isn’t getting a lot of traffic, having the speaker of an event guest post on your blog before or after the event can do wonders.  Guest posts provide blogs with:

  • Credibility.   If your guest poster is well known and has been featured on well-known sites before, you will seem more credible in your field than somebody who has never utilized guest posting before.  As your blog post shows up in a Google search, people will see the name of the guest poster and automatically be more drawn to your article than many of the others around it.
  • Inbound Links.  A guest post will usually include the writer’s bio and their social media URLs at the end of the post.  These inbound links are extremely important in boosting organic search rankings, which result in better search visibility for the author’s website.
  • Networking.  Networking that results from guest blogging can result in some valuable industry contacts.  Every time somebody guest posts on your blog, you now have them as a contact.  In addition, some people may begin to ask you to guest post on their blogs as well because of the networking you have been doing.


Determine the Popularity of Your Event


Do some research and find out if anybody is talking about your event.  You can track online conversations with social monitoring tools to see what others are saying about your event.  This research is extremely important in determining how successful an event will be, and here’s why:

  • It tells you what people are saying.  If you know what people are saying about your event in advance, you are at a serious advantage.  You can now make adjustments catered to any positive or negative feedback, which can totally change the outcome of your event.  You can also see what people have to say after the event, and based off of that feedback you can make adjustments for future events.
  • It allows you to acknowledge those voicing their opinions.  When people take the time to voice their opinions, its usually because they want to be acknowledged.  Giving thoughtful feedback to people can help build your reputation and relationship with potential audience members.  If somebody has a problem with your event, a response from you can change their opinion and possibly result in one more audience member.


When promoting or covering an event a blog is one of the best tools at your disposal, and when utilized properly, it can help you pull in a lot of traffic. These three strategies are just some of the ways that you can use your blog to boost your event’s overall impact.

Are there any other tips you would suggest for event bloggers?

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