Useful Tips to Socialize With Your Coworking Neighbors

Socializing with other coworkers is very important. It provides employees with the skills and habits necessary for participating in the corporate culture and increases motivation. Generally, socialization shapes the way employees view teamwork, work habits and the sharing of information, which are all important factors for a small business.

What makes a coworking space unique compared to other working environments is the community. As a member of this community, the ability to engage and connect with your fellow members as they come and go is a must. However, not everyone is a social butterfly who can strike up a conversation on a whim. For the rest of us, this doesn’t mean we have to retreat into our shells and lead solitary lives at the office.

Each one of us want to have an impact and influence among the community where we work. In order to achieve the attention of others or to be in the limelight, we often end up overdoing the efforts for socializing and sometimes end up landing in awkward situations.

1. Put an Effort

You don’t need to interact with everyone in a co-working space. Take it one step at a time and talk to one person first. When you are sitting by yourself quietly, people do not know what to expect from you. Making an effort shows people you are a nice person and the rest will automatically warm up to you.

2.The KISS Rule (Keep it simple, silly) 

All you can do is to greet people around you daily. A simple greeting along with a cheerful smile works wonders. When someone wants to speak to you, you can make yourself available. A simple greeting with a cheerful face. Also when someone wants to speak to you, make yourself available. Say yes from time to time when you are invited for an outing.

Also, you should participate in events like group outings and picnics where you have a great opportunity to bond with each other.

3. Remember Coworkers Names

You know that terrible feeling when you see someone you know you’ve met before, but you just can’t remember their name? What if you ever had to feel that again?

It’s always good to remember the names of your coworkers. Always try to greet them with their names, this will give a positive impact on them. If instances you didn’t remember their names, ask them politely and apologize for forgetting it. Wanting to know the names of other coworkers just mean that you value the community around you.

4. Make an Effort to Network Outside of the Office

Maintain regular and consistent contact with the people in your database.  One of the many successful communication tactics is to periodically meet with people in your network face to face.  It’s much more personal, and much more fun too.

5. Be a Good Listener

Whether in social or work environments, we don’t just want to be heard – we want to be truly listened to. Active listening can play an important role in helping you get ahead in your career and is a skill that can be acquired and developed with a little patience and practice. You should be very generous in appreciating your coworkers for their achievements and accomplishments.

6. Avoid Self-flattery

You might be doing well with your life and with everything that you do, but nobody wants to talk to a person who is obsessed with their personal achievements. Instead, understand what your fellow coworkers doing and offer them some help and advice if they need it. Ask them questions about their life and work, and most of all, make them feel important.

Socializing is about connecting with people, building and nurturing relationships, sharing information, tapping into the hidden job market, learning about career opportunities and expanding your contacts. There are so many ways to socialize to your coworking neighbors. Don’t let your personality type hinder you from knowing others well and being part of a community. Hope this article has inspired you to socialize more with other coworkers.

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