Great Workplace Perks to Offer

Workplace perks can be a great way to increase loyalty to your company and could even help you secure talent in the first place.  Employee engagement is at the heart of enabling a productive workforce. More and more perks are being thrown at employees to keep them motivated.

With flexible work schedules high on the list of employee desires, companies are responding by either offering flexibility as a perk, or by providing solutions that get at the reason behind this demand.

Why Perks Matter

Companies trying to build and sustain highly profitable businesses want to motivate good employees to stay.  Enjoying the job and being happy at work is one of the best ways to improve productivity. Having happy employees also results in financial gains for the business. It promotes a better work/life balance. Perks and benefits can help create a work environment that is positive and caring. Another benefit of coworking is the potential for networking. The people that you meet at a coworking space could be looking for your kind of work and/or they could be great resources down the road.

Listed below are some of the workplace perks that can benefit most to the employees.

Pet-Friendly Offices

Many studies have shown the positive impact animals can have, so why not let people bring their beloved pets into the office?

Offices that allow pets are great for everybody. Pet owners get to relieve a major stressor on what to do with their pets while they’re at work. Also, the other employees or coworkers get the benefit of being surrounded by furry friends who are basically happiness generators. And hey, why not offer free pet food, too? Because even if it’s not one of our top five perks, food is still appreciated by humans and fluffy buddies alike.

Free Food

Absolutely, food has a role to play in a happy workplace. Having access to it in the office helps workers save time and connect with their colleagues. According to the Harvard Business Review, employees can consume one or several meals plus snacks during work hours. People can work in an office setting for years and only get to know the people who work at a desk or two away from them. Companies have found that offering free food such as holding Pizza Fridays or Doughnut Tuesdays is a good way to break down these walls and allow different departments to socialize in a work setting.

Other companies offer free food on a daily basis. For companies that can afford it, free breakfasts and lunches are perks that employees love.


For companies based in major cities, it can be hard for employees to find parking. A successful business is one that attracts customers and keeps them coming back. Everything about a business should aim for that goal. Despite having a great line-up of products and excellent service, not every business achieves that goal because of one simple, yet fairly common problem: a lack of parking space and failing to offer valet parking service.

Nobody likes to drive around the block several times to find a space to park, it could potentially drive clients away to look for a similar business with better parking space options.


Companies are increasingly offering in-office benefits like yoga in the mornings or pilates after work. One business, Practice Fusion, gave its employees Fitbits to track their fitness progress. Meanwhile, Pentland Brands has an on-site swimming pool, fitness facilities, and an outdoor soccer/football field to encourage employees to exercise in a fun way.

Health Insurance

There are perks that come with health insurance on the employer side as well. Companies benefit from reduced absenteeism due to illness as well as higher engagement due to the fact that employer-sponsored health insurance gives employees a sense that they are cared for and appreciated.

Medical benefits can also include dental and mental health benefits. Some companies even organize free dental days where dentists come into the office and employees can schedule cleanings or fillings.

Performance Bonus

Performance bonuses give employees a sense of ownership and control.

It helps motivate them in their work and gives them a tangible ownership stake in their role. If they perform and hit their goals, they will receive a reward – one that they both earned and deserve.

Daycare Support

Parents are working at flexible hours, so they also need more flexible childcare. Some workspaces are taking this to the next level by providing a space with a childcare component. With this, it offers a community-work environment where parents can sit with like-minded adults engaging in work while offering quality childcare. Offering employees some form of childcare support can be an effective way of keeping professionals around for long.

Common problems only with this include finding appropriate locations, rental prices, and childcare facility requirements

Does your office offer one of these life-changing perks? Or something even better? Let us know.

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