10 Best Ways to Turn Coworking Members into Advocates

Whatever you do, and no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to do marketing on your own. With competition arising on the market, each day, fresh ideas are formed and new companies are launched, and yet, other startups are failing. Of course, we don’t want to be part of the latter. One way to do that is to focus not just on gaining customers, but to turn these customers into brand advocates.

10 Ways to Turn your Members into Advocates

Find your Advocates

The reality is, customers will visit the space then create bookings and leave. Some will become regulars and others have the potential to become advocates. ‘Potential’ because not all members can become an advocate right away. They must find a reason first to be one, so they can really identify and feel with your coworking space.

You can start by sorting your customers or members by letting them answer a quick question or survey: “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend us to your friends,  family, or colleagues?” Then the members who answered 9 or 10 are your potential space advocates.

Ask and Give Incentives for Referrals

Having a referral program is a great way to strengthen the loyalty of your members. Through this, they can bring in new customers through word-of-mouth sharing rather than just waiting for the customers to come in. Don’t make the referral system complicated, but let it be easy for them until it becomes already a culture already inside your coworking space. This can be done by including links on your websites and social media profiles. Reach out to your long-term clients or regular visitors and encourage them to share your business. Those who have placed a higher rate on the survey, encourage them also to share their experience with their family and friends.

As they give referrals, it’s also good to give back by offering incentives. This shows that you have acknowledged the efforts of your loyal members and in response, this will increase the desire to refer more. Incentives can come in many ways, you can consider giving them free hours of using conference rooms, a free day pass, free coffee or meals, and many others that you can specifically think that will be best for them.

Online Reviews

Word-of-mouth marketing strategy can evolve in the digital world by doing positive online reviews. You don’t have to wait for a 5-star rating to just pop out right away, but you can make your members become advocates by encouraging them to give an online review. Utilize social media and your website for them to leave online reviews. Don’t make it hard for them, but make the online reviews accessible. People nowadays would look on online reviews before they check into something, so make the most out of every opportunity you have.

Do Fun Things

Provide opportunities for coworkers and members to have fun. Just as other organizations have their own parties and events, you can also create it on your coworking space. Big events or even small ones such as having meals together, going to parties can create fun moments for your coworkers. You don’t have to make it compulsory for everyone, but only for those who are willing. Give them a heads up first so they can fit it in their schedule. Through this gatherings, you are creating moments that are memorable for them. All the more, your members will have a connection with your space that new members will be excited to join also.

Remember their Names

Many of us want to be remembered with names right? Though it doesn’t create a big impact for the company, but it stirs up trust and it shows that you value your members. It makes them feel that they are part of the community and they belong. In addition, it shows that you value them as a person and not just their referral. Make it natural and don’t go overboard by trying so hard. Your members will notice if you’re not doing it genuinely.

Create Shareable Content

Another way to leverage social media sharing is to create unique and shareable content. Such as inspirational quotes, beautiful photographs, group photos, or photos of your space that can be easily shared by the followers and members. If this will be done consistently and able to build connections with your members, this can become a natural part of the members’ journey.

Reward Employees

Not just the customers, but even your employees are the best prospects to become advocates. Encourage your members to brag about their jobs and their experiences in working at your coworking space. Give incentives to employees who are able to share their work and bring in new members. Involve your employees in planning creatively, as they are more involved, all the more they will speak highly of your workplace.

Diversify your Offerings

As a flexible workspace, you have to acknowledge that your customers are also changing. As customers are changing, their interest also varies. If you can observe, many are looking for unique layouts, cute and colorful designs, even with the tables and chairs, people are seeking for a variety of layout options. With these constant change, consider how you can diversify your offerings on amenities, special offers, layout options, equipment used, and others to inspire members’ loyalty.

Remain loyal to your brand

Stay loyal to your brand. Whatever space you have created, stand by your brand. If you have advertised that your place is for entrepreneurs, then continue to cater for entrepreneurs. Whatever it is you provide, make sure that you are creating a true value for your members. As you want loyalty from your members, be loyal to your brand. Don’t be alarmed or get overwhelmed right away from the competition. Keep doing what your members love about your space. Give them a reason to stay and be an advocate still. Remind them of your services and make sure that they know what you offer. If they do not, it will have an effect on the way they will share it to others.

Act on Feedback

As you gain feedback and learn from people what they want about your brand, don’t forget to act on it. Improve what is needed and excitingly share your progress to them through various platforms such as social media or through a word-of-mouth sharing.


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