Your Neighbors May Be More Important Than You Think

If you’ve ever watched the show Home Improvement, you’re probably familiar with the tool man, Tim Taylor, and his wise neighbor Wilson.  Tim always finds himself in a mess, and at the end of the day he stands outside by his fence, where Wilson imparts him with valuable advice.  With coworking, just like in Home Improvement, your neighbors may be more important than you think.

Working in a coworking space gives entrepreneurs access to some really great resources, such as the people that are working around them.  If you are an entrepreneur, you have most likely found yourself in need of somebody who possesses the skills you lack that are essential to growing your business.  Whether you need a web developer, a digital strategist, a graphic designer, or whatever other help you may need, a coworking community is sure to have that person.  That’s why it is so important to get to know the people who are working around you because you never know what sort of knowledge your neighbors have.  Give yourself the chance to meet people, and who knows? You may have found some new business partners, new friends, or both!

If you are looking for a great way to get to know your neighbors, consider attending any events held by your coworking community.  Many hold networking events, presentations, or meetups, which are great places to meet people with similar interests.  If your coworking space doesn’t offer these types of events, look into starting your own!

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