Adding Custom Logo to Your Invoice

Whether you have a professional looking invoice or not sometimes relates to the level of your trust especially when you are charging relatively high amount.

Recently we had few customers asking for new feature to add a custom logo to their invoices so we implemented the feature.

To add a custom logo to your invoices, go to Settings > Invoice page and you will see a new field named “Invoice Logo” where you can upload a custom logo that will be added to your invoices.


Make sure the dimension of the uploaded image is within 240 x 70 pixels and the file format is either JPEG or PNG.

To confirm the invoice with a custom logo, go to Invoices page and select one of the invoices that are issued. Then click “Download PDF” menu on the right. Below is an example of invoice PDF with a custom logo.

PDF Download for Invoices

We are adding new features at a rapid pace these days. For those who asked this feature, thanks for the wait. Now that you can download your invoices and save them as PDF.

Go to Invoices page and click a “Download PDF” menu. There you can specify the date range and file forma: Combined and Separate. The former concatenates all invoices into one PDF file, and the latter generates one PDF per invoice and bundles the PDF files in a single zip file.

You can also download a single PDF. Go to Invoices > [Invoice Number] page and click a “Download PDF” menu on the right. This generates a single PDF file of the invoice that you are looking right now.

With this feature available at your fingertips, you can keep all invoices offline for later reference or send individual invoice to your Member using PDF attachment.