Coworking Space Owner Resources

Let’s say you currently run – or are planning to run – a coworking space. Though it may be relatively unheard of compared to other industries, it’s starting to gain traction to a mainstream audience.

Basically, coworking spaces are shared office environments wherein startups, freelancers, and project teams can avail memberships in and work. It’s a great substitution for an office and is a primary solution for freelancers looking to work outside of their homes.

Recently, coworking spaces are steadily growing and it’s no surprise as to why, given that freelancers, startups, and even venture capitalists are using them. With that said, putting one up seems like a reasonable and a profitable business venture. However, like most businesses, you need to learn what you’re getting yourself into, which is why we’re providing you with the following resources to help you gain a clear idea of what coworking is all about:


This is a website that provides links directly to resources talking about what coworking spaces are and how to run them. The people behind this also host Google discussions which can be participated by anyone interested in coworking spaces. also has its own blog, which is semi-active and is only updated during the course of in multiple week intervals. Despite it’s rather inactive nature, the blog provides valuable insights and educational materials which will definitely help coworking space owners further enhance their own spaces and entice people to invest in them.

#2. Deskmag

Deskmag is mainly an online magazine about the form and function of various workplaces, but most of its topics and entries center around coworking spaces, making it a gold mine of a resource for anyone looking for information about them.

Deskmag is your go to resource for coworking news and events, along with tips to further create a coworking space conducive for labor. The website interestingly tackles coworking spaces around the world, as far as Latvia in eastern Europe, up to the spaces in Yangon in Myanmar.

The magazine also provides useful insights for certain groups of people, like freelancers and travel bloggers. Overall, it’s your one-stop resource for matters relating to coworking spaces. It also publishes and talks about studies relating to the whole industry, making it one of the foremost authorities in coworking spaces.

#3. The Coworking Wiki

The Coworoking Wiki is like a Wikipedia page for coworking spaces, except that technically, it isn’t. It’s made by the same people behind and it has information about the history if coworking, along with facts you need to know about it.

The wiki has a coworking space directory from around the world. By accessing it, you will be able to find coworking spaces built around the world, from the concrete jungles of North America to the grasslands of Africa. The wiki also lists notable and upcoming events and conferences.

It also invites you to further collaborate and volunteer to improve resources relating to the industry – this will further spur the development of coworking spaces.

#4. Copass

Copass is a global coworking community. By signing up, you will be able to access over 500 workspaces. For coworking space owners, this allows you to been seen by freelancers and companies who may want to consider moving over to your facility. The whole registration takes a few minutes to complete and it allows you to fully tap into the website’s large community.

Although Copass is more like an ecommerce website that sells coworking space memberships, the whole website is a great resource, particularly if you visit their blog.

#5 Coworking Handbook

The Coworking Handbook is run and written by Ramon Suarez, founder of Betacowork Coworking in Brussels, Belgium and the president of the European Coworking Assembly.

The website is selling an e-book, aptly titled The Coworking Handbook and provides information about how to open a coworking space, along with tips on how to run one. It also contains practical considerations you will need to keep in mind and inspirations for design. Note that it all includes all aspects involved in running a coworking space, like finances, community-building, marketing, and legal aspects.

The ebook is one of the best resources for those hoping to run their own coworking space – it’s a complete and handy guide, taken straight from the Suarez’s experiences, along with the challenges he’s faced.

#6. AlleyWatch

AlleyWatch is mainly a website focusing on business news in New York, although it has a section exclusive of coworking in the bustling metropolis. The website created a complete guide for coworking spaces in New York city: you’ll be treated to an all-in-one resource containing the numerous coworking spaces in it.

Although the website covers a wide topics, including startup news, opinions, along with events, it also presents news and analyses about coworking in NYC. If you’re a coworking space owner, this website is definitely a must-follow.

#7. MakeOffices

The team behind MakeOffices owns several coworking space branches across several locations in Washington DC, with plans to open up more in bustling cities like Chicago and New York.

Although they seem to be an early work in progress, they were once known as UberOffices, covering topics about coworking, including the life of space managers.

#8. Shareable

This online magazine covers a wide selection of topics, mainly about cities, self-development, and interesting pieces of news happening in towns and cities around the world.

Shareable has a section dedicated to news and views about coworking in general. It tackles matters regarding conferences, events, coworking communities, and tips for coworking space managers to make their respective facilities be more conducive for work. Apart from these, it also covers the coworking space economy, along with its culture. Once you follow this magazine, you’ll be treated to the latest news and must-reads regarding the coworking space universe.


COSHARE is an association of coworking spaces dedicated to making the whole industry a better one. It’s a members-only club, wherein coworking operators are treated to events, workshops, tools, and resources after joining the group – the membership fee is at $250 a year. Given the benefits and the cheap fee, it’s definitely worth it to join the association.

#10. Coworking Manual

This guide was created by Xidanwei, one of the largest coworking communities in China. This PDF is a great reading material for both new and long-time coworking space operators. It is a comprehensive guide tackling everything you need to know about running coworking spaces – it even tackles business models and how to choose the right location for your establishment.

#12. Making Space for Others

This resource is best for coworking space owners and managers who wish to create better coworking spaces. It also tackles socio-economic factors that spawned coworking and discusses how these factors will affect these workspaces for the better. This was written by Katy Jackson for her Masters Degree at Hyper Island.

Overall, launching a coworking space, like any other business, is a tough task. You will be marred by challenges and several occasions wherein you will face downtimes. Fortunately, you can quell the inconveniences that may come your way by preparing for the stumbling blocks in the road ahead.


Well, you can always start by reading the above mentioned resources. Being informed has its merits and it will definitely help you create better coworking spaces in the long run. These guides are created by industry experts and fellow coworking space managers, which means you will be reading guides made with personal experiences and first hand information.